Three albums you can’t live without

Jeff Buckley: GraceI am a huge fan of streaming services, especially Spotify, and I’ve been using that to listen to music at work and at home for a while now. But in my car I am still relying on the old school ways for my listening needs, CDs! (Is it too early to call CDs old school? Maybe not.) And one thing I noticed is that, I seem to need to have a few of my CDs close by. These are the albums that have made a huge impact on me. So much that I can’t imagine not listening to them for long periods of time. Below, I picked the top 3 albums that I desperately “need” at all times.

  1. Jeff Buckley: Grace
  2. Dredg: El Cielo
  3. Jeff Buckley: Sketches for my Sweetheart the Drunk

I’m really wondering what you would pick as “the three albums you can’t live without”? Please leave a comment below with your list!

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2 Responses to Three albums you can’t live without

  1. Can Çeçen says:

    Jeff Buckley – Grace
    Guns n Roses – UYI Box
    Pearl Jam – Vitalogy

    I’ve been listening to these for quite a while in my life and feel incomplete when I don’t listen to them again once in every 1-2 months.

  2. thekhan1010 says:

    Metallica – Reload
    Nick Cave – Murder Ballads
    Blind Guardian – Nightfall in the Middle Earth

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