Quicksand: Slip

Quicksand: Slip Album Cover

Generally categorized as Hardcore/Punk this album is Metal/Alternative to my ears. Actually if you like Tool’s Opiate – Undertow era you will LOVE this album. If you don’t, well, you should.  “Slip”, which is the first album by Quicksand dates back to February 1993. (Side Note: 1993 was a magical time for alternative metal bands with Alice in Chains – Dirt @ September 1992, Faith No More – Angel Dust @ June 1992, Tool – Undertow @ April 1993).

I came across this while shopping for the new album by Rival Schools, which also has Walter Schreifels on vocals. Although not as neurotic and whispery as Maynard, his shouting voice that spans the entire album resembles the hatred and energy in some parts of the early Tool songs. By the way, the resemblance in vocals is just the beginning, just wait until you hear the guitar riffs! Dark, heavily distorted and yet, patient. If you are a Tool fan, you will be smiling like a happy chimpanzee by the end of the disc.

 Release date: February 9, 1993

 What I loved about this album: Screaming vocals. Calm, distorted guitar riffs. Endless energy. Pessimistic mood. Best rock albums were made in 90s, this is one of them.

 What I didn’t like about it: The BPM and the mood doesn’t change at all. I like listening to albums from start to end which makes this one a hard listen. But, it is totally worth it.

 Check these tracks:

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