Limp Bizkit: Gold Cobra

Gold Cobra Album Cover

This one really surprised me. Limp Bizkit seems to have returned to their roots to rediscover what their “original idea” was and create an album that sounds really like (wait for it…) Limp Bizkit!

I always thought all the Limp Bizkit albums were above average but none seemed to stick out for me (except Unquestionable Truth which satisfied my RATM urges for a while). This one did. Be sure to buy/download the album and listen to it at full volume in your car/stereo. This is a heavy rock/rap/alternative album.

Release date: June 28, 2011

What I loved about this album: The heaviness and the smiling factor (you will understand what I’m talking about as you listen to the lyrics) never stops. Wes Borland’s riffs are heavy and complex, bass is groovy and the DRUMS!!! The sweet sound of Limp Bizkit kick drum!!! It’s unbelievable. I believe the kick drum sounds on this album will be a reference for many sound engineers working on rock music. And Fred Durst is back to his good ol’ days (Definitely a good progress considering how far off he wandered to find a new vocal style with the last album)

What I didn’t like about it: Not much. It’s original, heavy and full of ideas. Whatever sub-genre you go for these are the elements that I think are essential to any rock album. This album has plenty.

Check these tracks:

  • Bring It Back
  • 90.2.10
  • Loser

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